Best Things You Can Do with Your Used Books

Even if you have a love for collecting books, chances are you have at least a few sitting on your shelf you’ll likely never pick up and read again.

But that doesn’t mean they have to sit there and collect dust either. If you’re looking for things you can do with your used books, take a look at the following ideas to consider!

Get Crafty

There are dozens of unique and fun craft ideas to try with your used books these days, especially for books that are torn or unusable. From folding the pages to form a word when the book stands up to cutting pieces out in various shapes for wall art, the options are nearly endless.

Check out this list of most creative craft ideas using old books to get you started. You can even try many of these with your family this summer while school is out of session!

Give Them to Family & Friends

What better way to pass on great pieces of literature than to gift them to others you know who may love them, too? Scan through your collection a couple of times a year to see which ones may make for great birthday, holiday or “just because” gifts others will love!

Donate to the Public Library or Jefferson County Library Foundation

Last, but definitely not least, our local Jeffco libraries accept up to one box of good quality used books. If you have more than one box, bring them on by to our warehouse for Jefferson County Library Foundation!

When you donate good quality used books to us, we use those to re-sell online and at our book sales throughout the year. And proceeds help support our public library programs, such as continuing education, literacy, and multi-cultural events!

This means that you not only get to free up some shelf space in your home (say, for more new books to read!), but you help support your local community at the same time!

Learn more about donating books (and other items!) online here.

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