For tax year 2019, there will be a new line on the state tax form that allows taxpayers to give part (or all) of their tax refunds to any nonprofit registered in the Centennial State for at least five years—not just the 15 or so nonprofits that have been listed as options for giving on tax returns in the past. When Colorado passed Senate Bill 18-141 in May 2018, it became the first state to allow taxpayers to “write in” nonprofits of their choice when they donate their refunds.

When you give a portion of your state income tax refund through the Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit program, you make a direct and positive impact on our work where you live – Jeffco!  When you file look for the prompt to Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit and use our reg. number [20033007675].

Easy. Simple. Impactful. Thank You!


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