The license plate says JOY – and that’s what you see on people’s faces when Jefferson County Public Library’s (JCPL) Library 2 You cargo van pulls up to the communities it serves. Kelly Duran, JCPL’s Library 2 You manager gave a presentation on the new cargo van service during our May 16th Jefferson County Library Foundation (JCLF) Board of Directors meeting.

After dwindling numbers of bookmobile borrowers gave JCPL the challenge of making the Library 2 You service more accessible, they started brainstorming solutions and got Summit Body Works under contract to make the project a reality.

With features like removable rolling carts, JCPL was able to break down accessibility barriers with certain communities, like retirement homes. Walking outside to see the selection available on the bookmobile left less mobile residents opting not to use the service. Now, residents can wait inside for the books to come to them.

“Residents were excited and started arriving 30 minutes early to wait for the van,” said Kelly Duran. JCPL Executive Donna Walker added, “It provides social interaction as well.” As it turns out, with people gathering to await the book services, they were taking the time to engage and chat with each other.

The cargo van service began in January 2019 and is continuing to expand its coverage by visiting a children’s summer camp this year, and will making special outreach appearances throughout Jefferson County.

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